10 Tips On How To Take Maternity Photos At Your Own Home


Are you inspired by all of the stunning maternity images you see on Pinterest, but at the same time, aren’t quite sure you want to invest in a professional photoshoot? Here’s a little secret, you can beautifully DIY your own maternity images quickly and have more fun doing it too!


This post is going to demonstrate how to take spectacular maternity images with your iPhone, at home, or outside and whatever else you must-know to pull this DIY maternity photoshoot with the help of Renee Joanne!


Do Not Forget the Siblings or the dog for that matter


If the brother or sisters are readily available, make sure to include them in at least a few frames. When she and her spouses have kids, you can trust that including them on the photoshoot will result in great maternity pictures.

Utilize the internet


It’s vital to search for ways to posture yourself, particularly if you aren’t going to have an expert informing you exactly how to pose for maternity pictures. Pinterest is your buddy for this, mama! Just search for “maternity photography presents.”

There are so many terrific concepts! By doing this you will understand precisely how to stand, hold your stomach, a position with your partner (if you pick to shoot with them), direct your photographer, and so on.


Monochrome Photo of Woman Sitting on Ground




What story do you desire your photos to inform? Do you desire something intimate and hot like a boudoir photo shoot or something lively and ridiculous? You can make it occur within your home. Think of yourself as an art director and pull inspiration from Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, or magazines. 

Then find out what you ‘d require to recreate the try to find your quarantine maternity photoshoot at the house. Sidenote: If you’re uncomfortable with the idea of posturing, these images can also provide some assistance.


Don’t forget to edit


Modify your images after the shoot. A lot of professional photos are modified to provide a more polished appearance. You can utilize PhotoShop Components to give your pictures a classic feel. If you do not have a similar program on your computer system, take a look at PicMonkey, Pixlr and Picasa, which are complimentary online editing tools.

Next, load your images to your computer system or modify them on your phone. The majority of software applications nowadays have standard editing programs that will be all you require to perfect a shaped photo.


Welcome the Selfie


We are professional photographers and we even embrace the selfie. You are a professional photographer if the only photographer in the room is you. Get creative. Selfies do not constantly have to be face photos.

Specifically, when you are pregnant, stubborn bellies are the focus. Take the opportunity to snap from enjoyable angles. You can also use items that reveal the scale of your baby’s development or catch a minute in time.



Do not be reluctant to request for assistance or company


Mastering the art of taking your own bump shots is great, however, you may also succeed to enlist your partner or a friend to assist you to feel or get a different point of view to your images.

You might likewise wish to think of whether you’ll want to re-create any of the images after the child is born, and include a few of child’s items in a meaningful way, Stennett suggests.


Use A Self-Timer


Get to understand the self-timer setting on your video camera or phone. A lot of digital video cameras have a self-timer setting with a 10-second window or a two-second window.

With the iPhone 11, for example, you can use the front dealing with cam, press the arrow button at the leading, select the stopwatch icon, and choose a three-second timer or 10-second timer.

Borrow the very best Camera Equipment You Can


When it concerns great photography, it’s crucial to remember that your inputs cause your outputs. What does that mean? You can’t bake an excellent cake with bad active ingredients. You need to start out with great equipment if you desire to end up with amazing maternity images.

Sure, there’s a lot you can do to increase a fine image. If you desire ah-MAZE-ing maternity pictures, you need to pick up an actual camera.

Woman Leaning on Gray Wooden Wall

Select the right attire


Keep in mind, it’s important to flaunt your growing bump so you need to try to wear clothing that will reveal it off or perhaps go bare bellied if you feel like it! However it’s likewise crucial for you to be comfy, so ensure you are bringing clothing you will have the ability to relax in for a couple of hours whilst you are taking your images.

If you have actually left your home, make sure you bring enough alternatives to alter it up and be pleased with your results.




If you place yourself so that you and subject types a parallel line to the window, you’ll have a brighter light on the subject. If you stand to form a perpendicular line with your topic, this will develop a backlit silhouette shot which is awesome for stomach shots!