The Importance of Newborn Photography

New hope! That would be the words of the universe once it meets its newest addition to its inhabitants. After the injections, the pain of delivery, the nervous husband beside his wife at the delivery room, the whole family praying plus the attending doctors, and the whole medical staff, alas! A miracle indeed.

There is nothing more fulfilling than to hear a baby’s first cry as the nurses put them down beside their mom, though battle-bruised, still got her biggest smile, warmly welcoming her newborn as well as to the father whose happiness can not be defined by words alone.

Newborn photography is pretty common nowadays and is trending around the globe, as parents become more affectionate for a memorable testimonial of their pregnancy and the birth of their child. Like a memoir of a lifetime, this precious moment from birth to its first weeks and months, and eventually growing up deserves a look back. As time passes by without us realizing it, we take a look at the photos where time, feelings, and memories will always be there.

Locked up in data or a simple photo frame. Physically we may change, but who we are will always be the same. If you are looking for a professional newborn photographer who you can trust with your newborn, checkout Kiddy Kats Photography. Not only will you receive a magical photo shoot experience, but you will also have high quality images to last you a lifetime and beyond. 

A Proof of Life and Love

Just like weddings, baptism, pre-nuptials, and any similar occasions, the birth of a child is also a reason for celebration. It is a product of love between two souls who made vows to be there for each other until the end of time. Whilst for some it might not be that way, the love for the child is the sole reason for the parent or guardian to have their newborn all the finest treatments this world can give. Whether it is material or not, for we deserve this life and life too, deserves us.

A New Chapter

For most parents and guardians, having a child is like a new chapter to start. Some may be clueless on how to care for a child, while some may have their parents that will guide them through it. Yet still, being a parent is a huge responsibility that requires a lot of patience, understanding, and unconditional love. This is why parents prefer to have their newborn child their much-deserved first photo ops in the early weeks of their lives to capture those precious moments that you can never go back in time.

The time of photoshoot varies on what the parents prefer for the posing of the baby or the appearance they love to see. This is not just to serve as a souvenir of the kid’s childhood, but also to remind them of their new responsibility as moms and dads.

This can inspire them to work harder to give their offspring the things he or she needs as well as for a brighter future for the family. One day, when they take a glimpse into the past, through their photo albums, they can be proud and say that they did a good job in raising their children.

Unique Identity

They say, most of the babies during their first weeks look the same. Yes, they do, though some babies have unique characteristics that stand out from the rest, making it their own identity.  So, would that stop you from getting your child their newborn photo ops? Of course not. Babies may look the same from their first up to second weeks, but parents and the photo studio artists always have a trick up their sleeves to be creative in their craft, making the newborn photoshoot for your child, memorable and one of a kind.

One! Two! Say cheese! Add up the effects and voila! You got the best photoshoot ever! Just imagine telling your adorable three-year-old baby that her head is just as big as your palm when she was young. She might disagree with you, but you can always show her cute photo on your phone or the ones in your living room to prove it. Imagine your argument with your little princess, isn’t that cute?

The Innocence

 The face of a sleeping or an awake newborn might be the icon of innocence. The pureness in their hearts, the eyes that speak nothing but their longing for their parent’s touch and presence, the sound they create that makes everybody around them laugh, worry or cry, that is the power of innocence.

It is enough to make the world be at peace, to make it livable even under unwanted circumstances. It is like a force of nature that we always wanted to be stable and calm. Imagine capturing that innocence in a photo inside your wallet, on your phones, or in your room.

When things ain’t running smoothly when life is constantly giving you hurdles, take a look at the photo of your child and think about the very first reason why you’re working hard, why you can’t give up, and what makes your life go round. Do it with your partner and for sure, both of you will have inspiration aside from each other as a couple.

The Journey

The beginning of journeys is always the hardest. That is why coming into this life requires a lot of sacrifices. In any case, this life is worth living, it is always worth the fight. The first smiles, the first laughter, and even the first sound a child can speak are very special to parents. It is a memory that stays in their minds, in their hearts. It holds a special place in their being that even when the baby grows into their adolescence and later.

Just by taking a look at their baby pictures is enough for them to tell how much their child has grown, how they have changed through time. They will remember every memory that comes in every single photo, especially for their child’s newborn photos where they were also still young and energetic. It might be embarrassing, funny, or a life lesson, but in their hearts, they will always be happy and proud.

The unconditional love that every parent has for their child can be noted on why they always keep it inside their wallets, bags, or in any form of storage for a very long time, and even rarely forget about it. A photo says a thousand words, a million memories, and a ton of inspirations but only one love for the child in photos they hold dear in their hand.