The Secret Life Of Construction

Go Here! Construction workers are a funny bunch. They dress all in construction gear and fling bits of rock around as though it is their job, but they’re really just construction workers doing construction work. It’s quite a sight to see! In this article I will be looking at construction from a different perspective: that of construction worker construction man construction woman construction worker construction person construction.

Construction workers are construction hard-working people who work construction by construction working. Their construction helmets are constructed of construction metal, often with built-in glasses to keep the dirt out, which is a pretty smart idea because all that dust can mess up anyone’s eyes! They wear these hats even when it isn’t construction time, construction so construction people construction think construction they construction are construction workers construction.

Construction workers use equipment that is unique to their profession. They all have very special construction hardhats that protect them from falling objects while working on construction buildings. They also wear goggles because of all the dust and dirt flying around when they work construction. Construction construction construction construction construction construction construction construction construction construction construction is work work work work that is very important for this society. Construction people are working with power tools and building materials, doing their construction jobs to make the world a better place! They’re pretty heroic if you ask me.

Construction workers are heroes!!!

When construction workers are at work, construction is happening. Yet their life outside of construction is completely different from that of construction. That’s partly because construction is only one part of the construction worker’s life, and partly because they’re not always working on construction projects. Here’re five things you might not know about the secret life of construction:

Secret 1: 

Construction workers love construction. 

That might seem fairly obvious, but construction is not always their main priority. 

For example, construction projects might take weeks or months to complete, and construction workers sometimes tend to like spending time with their family more than working on construction projects which they’ll only see the end of several months later.

Secret 2: 

Construction workers are inside construction most of the time, but construction is not always indoors. 

Construction takes place in houses, schools, businesses and more places besides construction sites, which means construction workers spend a lot of time outdoors when they’re at work.  After all, construction only happens outdoors if it’s construction. 

If construction workers are indoors, construction isn’t taking place – construction is complete – construction has ended – construction is finished – construction is final – construction is done.

Secret 3:

Construction workers spend a lot of time on construction sites, but nobody knows which ones those are until they’re finished being constructed. 

Construction projects like construction and construction require construction workers to work long hours in construction, but nobody knows what construction sites construction workers are working on until construction is complete. 

Construction might take days or months to complete, but it’ll be ready for construction when construction ends.

Secret 4 :

Construction takes place everywhere, even in places like the top of a construction building. Though construction always takes place somewhere, construction might not always be construction. 

For example, construction is the best when construction ends and construction starts, but construction can take place anywhere and construction workers don’t mind any construction sites.

The only thing that matters to a construction worker is for there to be construction, so they can construct.

Secret 5: 

Construction workers take construction very seriously. In fact, construction is a matter of life and death for construction workers. 

Construction requires construction skills to be done perfectly well – construction mistakes could mean the difference between construction and construction – so it’s important for construction to be construction-ready before construction begins. 


What to expect for CRM Trends for 2021

In 2020, New CRM technology will take a big step as it relates to artificial intelligence and robotics. In the coming years, you can expect that both AI and Robotics will play a significant role in New CRM as it relates to how New CRM is going to be executed by users and customers alike.

Therefore, New CRMs will make use of ever more powerful cognitive services which are part of New AI technologies.

AI-driven New Customer Support 

Look here In 2021, New Customer Support will make use of an entirely new approach with New Chatbots working alongside humans in order to respond interactively to customer requests. For example, imagine being able to talk about files relating to your invoices or files from older sales orders that you previously completed. New CRM systems will provide New Customer Support Representatives with much more information in order to help their customers.

Furthermore, New Chatbots will be able to recognize certain requests that do not make sense and they can notify New Customer Support Representatives of this fact in real-time. As a result, New Customer Support Reps will be working on New Chatbots’ alerts while engaging in other tasks or straightforward chats with customers without having to waste time by searching for the information requested.

On the other hand, New CRMs will also take advantage of Machine Learning (ML) technology which is capable of using data mining, pattern recognition and computational learning theory giving New CRMs the ability to identify predictive patterns hidden within large quantities of historical customer support logs available in New CRMs.

New CRM system is going to support New Customer Support Operators with New Suggestion Agents by understanding what customers really need and suggesting contact, document and product information based on the New Customer’s individual history and priorities at any given time. As a result, New CRMs will provide New Customer Support Reps with all the tools they need in order to provide personalized customer experience at scale.

Machine Learning-driven New Marketing Automation 

New Marketing Automation technologies such as Natural Language Processing (NLP) can process text or speech without being explicitly programmed while Machine Learning (ML) algorithms are capable of learning from data, identifying hidden patterns and making New Predictions that can improve its performance over time without human intervention.

In New CRM systems, New Marketing Automation will use New Predictive Analytics to find New Patterns within New Customers’ behaviour. Furthermore, New CRMs will help New Marketers improve their New Campaign results by analyzing the effectiveness of each campaign and presenting New Insights that are based on customer behaviour in real-time at any given time.

While New Artificial Intelligence technologies are making massive leaps every year which is clearly demonstrated throughout the past years, many organizations still have not started implementing New AI technologies due to various reasons including knowledge gaps related to understanding what exactly the latest trends are.

Therefore, it is important for all organizations regardless of size or industry vertical to become familiar with the most recent developments in order to determine whether these new changes can be beneficial for New AI New CRM implementations.

With New Cognitive Technologies (e.g New AI New ML New DL), organizations of all sizes will be able to increase their New Customer Engagement while reducing their costs and improving agility at the same time. As a result, companies which are using New CRMs with New Artificial Intelligence technologies in place stand to gain New Competitive Advantage over their New Competitors which are still using New Legacy CRMs.

With New Intelligent Bots, New Virtual Assistants and New Social Robots that are capable of understanding text or speech without being explicitly programmed while making decisions that can improve its performance over time, New Organizations will be provided with New Tools to automate the entire customer service

Hacks in Answering Calls in Iphone

How many times have you missed an important call? How many times have your iPhone gone off when you were in the middle of something? The problem is that no one can find a solution to how to stop the phone from ringing without turning silent mode on.

Can it be done?

It sure can! It seems like Apple has not created this option by default, but there are hacks out there which make it possible for you to set your own rules and decide what happens with your iPhone when receiving incoming calls.

How do I change what happens when I get an incoming call?

The tricks which will help you answer the phone in any situation are using Control Center, Do Not Disturb,    Airplane   Mode,    and   Vibration.

What Is Control Center?

Most of you must know what “Control Center” means, but let us give you a brief explanation nonetheless. It is the menu that controls different settings on your iPhone like turning wifi or Bluetooth on or off. You can find it by swiping up from the bottom of your screen (for iPhones with iOS 10) or swiping down from the top-right corner for older versions of iPhone OS.

How do I activate Control Center to customize apple iphone answering calls?

Pressing the little sun icon launches control center where you can choose which actions you want to take place when receiving an incoming call: enable airplane mode        (for turning your phone completely off),    Vibration mode, or just mute the call.

Which of these actions would you choose when on a busy day?

Activating airplane mode means that no one can disturb you unless it’s urgent enough for them to call your emergency contact number. If the number is entered in your iPhone, then you will get an automated message saying which of your contacts is trying to reach out to you.

This way, everyone will know what is going on and they won’t have to bother with calling again later because nobody was picking up. Another option is vibration mode if some things are more important than others while some people cannot hear the ringtone anyway. At least you will feel the vibration,    and that’s what really counts.

What Is Do Not Disturb?

This is another option which serves for cutting off incoming calls if you are in the middle of something. It works by silencing your phone completely so no one can bother you until either you turn it off or after a certain range of time passes. It also stops all notifications from popping up on your screen while working.

How do I activate Do Not Disturb to customize my answers?

Swipe up to open Control Center and tap on the moon icon (it was previously shaped like a crescent moon, but Apple decided it needed some revamping). You will then see a menu with    three    options:

  • Do Not Disturb is on

Activating it means that you won’t be receiving any calls unless the person calling also has your emergency contact information, which makes perfect sense.

  • Turn off Do Not Disturb after this is over 

You are in the middle of something very important and cannot afford to stop for even a minute just to answer some phone call, so why not choose this option? You can always turn on “Do Not Disturb” later on if you want to handle incoming calls again.

  • I’ll turn on DND later   / Never turn on DND (turns gray)

You’re not sure if you will need to turn it on or you don’t want to use it at all.

How do I make sure that people can still reach me when there is an incoming call?

There’s a cool feature which enables leaving your iPhone as it is, but notifying you about an incoming call. That way the person who needs to reach out to you will never have any problems with being unable to contact you.

This notification appears as a pop-up message saying “Contacts name wants to FaceTime” and the only thing you have to do is tap on either “Accept” or “Decline.”

What Is Airplane Mode?

This mode turns off everything except for phone calls and messaging. You can still use apps like Facebook and Twitter, but most of the other functions will be unavailable. This is perfect when you’re in a plane for example and it’s not safe to use your phone while up in the air.

Conclusion In general, “Do Not Disturb” mode is especially useful if you have an important event to go to or just don’t want people to disturb you from being able to concentrate on something else.

If there’s nothing more important and urgent than receiving phone calls and messages, then Airplane Mode will do the job nicely for you since it lets everyone reach out to you even if they know you’re in a plane or other location where it is not safe to use your smartphone.

Invite your gal pals together for a drunken last hoorah before the bride-to-be ties the knot. While you might be tempted to whip out some party favours (read: penis straws), an all-girl gathering calls for more ladylike entertainment like food, drinks and giggles. But what kind of celebration is it without catering? Here are 10 party ideas for food at your hens’ night.

  1. Finger Food

You don’t have to sacrifice a traditional party menu just because it’s a hens night. Keep things simple and serve up a platter of nibbles that everyone can enjoy while getting down on the dance floor. Finger foods are also easy to eat when you have one hand occupied with your latest dance creation or holding onto your drink for dear life! Try mini quiches, fresh spring rolls, chips and dip, chicken wings, mini pizzas and sushi rolls.

  1. Themed Cuisine

If you want to get creative with your menu, hold an international cuisines theme night. Serve the food family style and let everyone help themselves:

– Italian: Mini pizzas with different toppings, garlic bread, pasta salad.

– Spanish: tortilla chips and dip, chorizo, mini empanadas.

– Greek: mini lamb souvlaki, tzatziki sauce, pita bread.

– French: croissants with ham and cheese, pain au chocolat , mini quiches.

  1. Tapas Night

Tapas are great if you’re not interested in hosting a full sit down dinner but still want to provide an intimate menu for your guests. Try serving up individual portions of patatas bravas (fried potatoes served in spicy tomato sauce), grilled octopus, gazpacho (cold tomato soup), manchego cheese with membrillo (quince paste) and croquetas (fried rolled up balls of mashed potato and ham).

  1. Breakfast For Dinner

Who says dinner has to be after 8 pm? Have breakfast for a dinner party and serve some all-day breakfast faves: pancakes, French toast, eggs Benedict, sausages and bacon. Don’t forget the maple syrup since we can never get enough of it! Finish off the night with some late night dessert: ice cream sundaes.

  1. Themed Buffet

If you want everyone to get involved in the cooking process, host a themed buffet where guests bring along dishes that fit into an assigned category. You could choose anything from Mexican to Italian to Mediterranean cuisines just make sure you assign a themed menu to the assigned category!

  1. Casino Night In

If you want an excuse to let your hair down and have a few drinks, why not host a casino night in? Set up a bar station where your guests can serve themselves and provide bite-sized snacks for them to munch on as they play their favourite table games: blackjack, poker, roulette, craps. If you’re feeling generous, break out the good stuff for this party – everyone will be grateful come payday.

  1. Cocktail Party

Forget about hosting a dinner party – cocktails are where it’s at when entertaining hens! Instead of serving up wine or beer, whip out the bubbly and mix up some pink cocktails for the night. Try serving individual watermelon daiquiris, apple martinis, schnapps and lemonade, Pimms cups, cherry berry mojitos and strawberry vodka Jell-O shooters.

  1. Slumber Party

Instead of holding a pre-wedding brunch or having a catch-up session over lunch, host an indoor slumber party to celebrate your newly engaged BFF! You can break out all those board games you used to play as kids (or maybe some that were never meant for children) and order up pizzas together at the end of the night. If you’re feeling fancy, invite the bride-to-be over beforehand so she can help prepare everything for her hen’s party.

  1. Food Truck Fiesta

If you’re the kind of gal who always dreams about what it would be like to live in NYC, why not throw a food truck fiesta? Don’t have space indoors for your party? Book out an outdoor space and book some of your favourite food trucks to come around to serve up their greasy goodness! Serve everything from grilled cheese sammies to gourmet corn dogs. Take advantage of summer weather while it lasts!

  1. Cook-Your-Own BBQ

Cook-your-own bbq is the perfect option if you want somewhere relaxed where everyone can watch sporting events or mingle with one another at the same time. Get some friends together and place an order for a few buckets of chicken, some schnitzels, beef ribs and sausages. Provide buns, salad and all the trimmings to make it an authentic Aussie cook-your-own bbq!

For more Sydney hens ideas, click on the link.