Requirements for Being a Male Stripper

Everybody has seen male dancers in some form, whether it is on TV or in person at some point.

What some people don’t realize is that while some people are happy performing on the stage with their clothes on, others would really like to show off their bodies but can’t because they either think they will look bad or aren’t confident enough to do so.

This is exactly why the profession of an exotic dancer exists – not everybody can do it (it’s not easy), but for those who want to try, this article should help you get started.

Combat stripper - male V - Cyberpunk 2077 Mod

This profession requires dedication and patience – if you expect things to happen right away you might as well forget about being a stripper. It takes years of training before you can even consider earning money with it, so you need to be serious about what you do if you are considering becoming one.

If that’s the case, then below are the requirements for being a male stripper. If you are interested in being one, visit magic men.

1. You have to work hard

Being a male stripper is not easy – your body needs to be in shape and your dance moves need to be smooth. Work-out routines should include cardio exercises as well as muscle building ones if you want to make sure things will go smoothly on stage.

Pay attention to other dancers’ bodies at first – how they move, what kind of diet they follow if any, etc. Learn different types of dance styles (hip-hop, house, rock, etc.)

2. You need to be comfortable with your body ​

This is extremely important – you will get undressed in public, after all. Forget about the way you see your body right now and look at it like somebody who hasn’t seen it before – because chances are that’s exactly how the audience will look at it.

Work out until you can stand in front of a mirror naked and not feel embarrassed or ashamed by what you see there. If this seems impossible for you yet, then wait until things change naturally without forcing them to.

3. Learn how to dance properly

It doesn’t matter whether you’re doing hip-hop or salsa if nobody can tell what you’re doing up there on stage. It’s not enough to just learn how to bump and grind – remember that you will also need different dance moves depending on the song you are dancing to.

Your best bet would be learning how to dance from a professional choreographer – make sure he/she knows what type of work do they teach, though (some might want you to lose some weight first, for example).

4. Be confident

Confidence is one of the main qualities that female audience members look for in male dancers – if they sense your lack of confidence they won’t believe what you’re saying with your body language either.

Practice positive thinking at all times – don’t think about what other people might say or think about you before even trying it out yourself. If you feel good about your body and the way you dance, then they will too.

5. Be flexible ​

You don’t need to become a gymnast to be a successful stripper, but you do need to make sure that your body can move properly in different ways.

If you have problems with flexibility, try working it out at least a few times a week to make sure it doesn’t show when you’re on stage – no one wants to see someone who looks stiff up there moving around.

6. Don’t drink or take drugs before going on stage

You might think that being intoxicated would help you relax and not be afraid anymore, but just the opposite happens with most – alcohol/drugs usually just make things worse.

If you can’t get on stage while sober, then don’t even think about it – remember that there are many male dancers around who know what they’re doing and will gladly take their places instead of you.

7. Get started right away ​

You don’t have to wait for your perfect body to come – work out until the best possible version of yourself is in front of you each morning in the mirror when you wake up, then go from there.

You will still need to work out after becoming a stripper to maintain your form – this is why it’s extremely important not to lose sight of what you’re doing when someone offers you something for free (drugs, alcohol, etc.).

8. Don’t expect it to last forever

One day you will wake up and realize that your body is not in the same condition as before – either through age or some event that might have influenced your lifestyle (childbirth, for example). This might happen when you’re still young, but then again it might happen when you’re 25 or even 35 already.

The point is not to get too attached to what you do because sooner or later, things change no matter how much effort we put into them.

Spend money earned while working on something else instead of just saving every penny after putting so much effort into being a male stripper for nothing – this could be anything from college education to starting a business of your own. These are best spent while still in your prime.

9. Don’t let it get to your head

Women come with their own set of standards, just like you do – if you were the one who was looking for someone to sleep with or date then maybe you would choose them based on different criteria than what they chose you for (a few extra bucks).

When sleeping around is no longer an option, people will look at other things instead – it’s entirely up to you whether these are good or bad, but make sure that whatever is in front of your eyes doesn’t blind you from seeing the bigger picture.

10. Enjoy it while it lasts ​

A career as a male dancer might be short-lived, so try and enjoy every single second of what you do. At the same time, don’t get too attached to it because you will need to focus on other things eventually – once you get older, for example.

Even if your body remains in shape until the end of its days, there comes a point when you simply can no longer dance for whatever reason (injury or age). And that’s okay – after all, everything comes with an expiration date doesn’t it?

Just make sure to enjoy what you have while it lasts and keeps going from there instead of wallowing over something that will never be again.